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Globally, social media is used by approximately 3 billion people. This means that each person has at least one account on a social networking site. Let’s take Instagram as an example.

To gain more engagement and popularity, celebrities, business people, and bloggers all tend to create their social media profiles.

Your account will perform better if you have more followers. This impacts your ability to earn on Instagram by boosting products or services and attracting new customers.

This is possible by studying the many tips and tricks that can be used to increase your followers and grow your network – simply search the Internet for the “grow my Instagram Account” search.

The articles are from hundreds of blogs. They include descriptions about how to act on Instagram and what you shouldn’t do. The advice is essentially related to two types of social media growth and automation.

What is the difference?

It’s quite easy: it’s your choice to grow your account organically that matters.

You can attract more followers to an account by posting regularly. Engagement is the best way to attract followers.

Instagram users are always commenting and liking their posts. It is smart to do the same. Like the posts of users in your niche and follow them. Commenting and liking their posts will help to attract their attention and make it easier for them to like and follow you.

This is how to organically grow your followers.

There is an alternative method, Instagram automation. In this instance, the Instagram bots take the action instead of you. They are usually focused on certain hashtags, geotags, or users. They like photos for you, follow other users, unfollow them, and comment on their posts.

This engagement is meant to increase your social media following with real people.

Both methods have their advantages and disadvantages. You can decide which one is best for you. Bot-driven or automated growth is considered gray by many social media professionals. 

Checking other users’ strategies

Once you have decided how popular brands and bloggers are getting their followers, you can start to search for the right means.

The most general is possible: Follow a user on Instagram to see how many likes and comments he makes frequently.

This method is the most popular, but it has many flaws. You need to put in a lot of effort and time to highlight a user’s activity. And even if you do succeed, the results will not be exact as the Instagram following feed algorithm does not display all user actions.

Monitoring is an alternative, more simple method. The tool Snoopreport tracks Instagram user activity.

This is useful for researching your competitors’ growth strategies, and customer preferences, and defining new Instagram trends.

The service tracks the likes, comments, and follows of users every week. These reports are useful for discovering user insights and identifying user behavior tendencies.

Snoopreport can track user activity. All you have to do is select the Instagram accounts whose engagement strategy interests you, then add their usernames to a dashboard and choose the period that the service will keep them monitored.

It takes only 2-3 weeks to conclude the behavior of an Instagram user.

You can view the monitoring results each week to see the likes and followers of the tracked user. These data can give you insight into a growth strategy for any public Instagram account.

It is easy to compare these stats with average user behavior. You can see that the average activity ranges from 50 to 500 likes, and 20-30 followers per week.

If the user has more than 600 likes per week, you can assume he is using mass liking techniques to increase his followers. You can be certain if he has more than 1000 likes per week. 🙂

Similar to the following, organic growth is limited to 20 users. If you notice a larger number of followers, consider using an automated follow-to-follow technique.

As now you’re acquainted with an easy and effective way to define a user account growth strategy on Instagram, feel free to use it for your future research!

It is useful for marketers, who want to know the target audience, competitors, and influencers’ activity. However, it can also be used by individuals: They can track their children’s Instagram comments, see the activity of friends, track the Instagram comments of their children, and see every Instagram photo that a girlfriend/boyfriend likes.

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