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To verify email address validity, you don’t have to be a geek. You don’t need to be a geek to check email address validity. It is easy to verify the validity of an email address. This step is appreciated by both small-time investors and business professionals.

Check Your Email Address Validity

It is only natural to want to know how this simple task can save you time and help enrich your knowledge. There is always room and opportunity to do little things that will make your day more efficient and memorable.

It is important to verify email address validity. You might not know that scammers can send you emails asking for sensitive information or money. If they are aware of a vulnerability in your system, they can impersonate you.

This scam is on the rise as cybercriminals find new ways to trick people into disclosing their personal information, such as passwords and bank account numbers. They pretend to be executives of legitimate companies or government agencies like the IRS or FBI.

Phishing emails are another scam that we must avoid. These fraudulent emails appear to be from a trusted company and ask for personal information to verify your identity. These scams are on the rise and you don’t know when they will strike next. It is better to prevent them from happening.

Why is it important to verify email address validity? Well, let me explain.

Validity of Email Address: Why and How

Many people verify their email address to avoid falling for phishing scams. However, there are many other reasons to do this.

Let’s suppose you have a favorite retailer and they send you emails about special deals or discounts. This might seem urgent. It is possible to be tempted to click on the link to take you to your favorite store. However, they might not be able to verify that you are who you say you are online. What would this be like? To avoid any trouble, we must always verify the validity of our email addresses.

There are many reasons to verify email address validity. As I said, you need to ask yourself why. What is the importance of this for you and your family? These questions will most likely lead us in the right direction and allow us to choose the best solution for our situation.

What is the problem with fake email accounts? How can one tell if they are real from fakes? First, you need to verify that the sender’s domain address matches their IP address. This means they have a physical server in the location. Second, it is possible to determine if the email address is fake by checking the sender’s domain name. There is a high likelihood that the email address is fake.

If both the IP address and domain are correct (which indicates they have a physical server), but no one answers the phone or emails their support team work, then that is another sign of Phishing Activity. How do you spot scams? First, look for domains that have similar names to your ones. This will help you avoid phishing attempts.

If all of your emails are being forwarded to a particular website, it is most likely an automated program that wants to steal your information or scam you out.

What should you do if your domain name is compromised? You can do a few things.

We need to immediately change our password and not use the same username registered to any other account (which is often very easy for scammers). If that doesn’t work, you may have other issues. Please contact support.

Professional Email Verification Data Enrichment

Professional services like IP-Verify.com are recommended if you need to regularly verify your email address and prevent phishing scams. This service is trusted by both individuals and businesses because it checks if the domain name matches their physical location.

Another great feature of this service is the ability to manually add additional data points such as phone numbers and addresses. This will allow you to flag spammers who attempt to send emails to your account.

This service is beneficial for business owners as it will enable employees to verify that their email address has been sent to them and not someone else. This service checks emails only and does not block any.

Top Methods for confirming Email Address Validity

There are many ways to verify that an email address is valid. These are the ones that we recommend.

Method 1 – Sending an email back to the address

When you get an email from someone asking for personal information, the best way to verify that they are valid is to send a standard reply. If the email bounces back, it means that they sent it but it has not been processed. This indicates that something is wrong with your account.

Method 2 – Use WhoIsLookup to find out who registered on GoDaddy/Google Domains.

This is a very easy method. All you need to do is type in “whois search” followed by any domain name that has been registered by this particular email address.

Method 3 – Check if the domain was used previously for phishing activities

This is a great way to find out if someone is sending you emails that are scams. All it takes to determine who owns the domain is to see why they did this. It is best to ban them from accessing your website if their past actions prove that they are not trustworthy.

Method 4 – Use an IP Address Lookup

This is an easy way to see if anyone has been sending you emails. It will match any computers previously linked up to this email address. This will indicate how trustworthy they are.

Method 5 – Search for the Email Address in Google

Another way to find out if someone is sending you emails is to simply enter their email address into Google Search Engine. This will indicate that the person you are contacting may not be as they claim to be.

How to Validate Email Addresses & Select an Email Validation Tool For Your Business

Once you’ve established that an email is being sent to your account by someone who is a scammer, you can choose the best email validation tool. There are three main types of tools that can help:

1) Email Verifier (or whitelist tool): This software checks for signs that a domain name has been used previously for spamming or phishing activities and blocks any further messages being sent by the person. It checks against over 2 million IP addresses so it is impossible for anyone to bypass it.

2) SPF (Sender Policy Framework). Tool: This software checks against the SPF database (sender policy framework), which contains over two million IP addresses known to have been used for spamming and phishing activities. It can also check against blacklist databases so it is impossible to misuse.

3) Domain Score (or SenderScore): This tool does not look at the three types listed above, but rather uses only the results of comparing them. This will give you an overall score of 100 which shows how trustworthy they are.

Some Tools:

  1. VoilaNorbert verify – This is a powerful tool that checks against the blacklist and SPF databases. It is very easy to use. You can also set the email address you wish to validate it, so it checks against all your accounts.
  2. Bulk Email Verification – This is my favorite because it checks against both the SPF/blacklist databases. It is so easy to use! You can also check all domain names with one click.
  3. Pabbly email verification –This tool is another favorite of mine. It also checks against blacklist and SPF databases so it is impossible to bypass it. You can specify the email address you wish to verify, and it will check all your accounts.
  4. SpamHaus Bulk email Verification –This tool allows you to verify any domain name with one click. You can also check IP addresses using this advanced feature.
  5. Bulk Email Verification by Mailinator – Although this tool is only for Gmail users it’s a great tool to have. You can also check domain names using this advanced feature.
  6. Gmail Bulk email verification –This tool is only available to Gmail users. However, it is very useful and simple to use if you use Google’s email service. It allows you to specify the email address you wish to verify, and it will check against all your accounts simultaneously!
  7. Clearout This is another great tool for Gmail users! You can also set the email address you wish to validate so that it checks against all your accounts.
  8. SpamCop Bulk email Verification – This tool allows you to quickly check any domain name. It also features an advanced feature that allows you to check any IP address!

This should have helped you understand the workings of email validation tools.

There are many types of email validation tools. Each has its pros and cons. However, the best tool for your business will depend on your needs. It is important that you test it before you buy.


Email validation is an excellent way to protect your company from scammers and it is also an important tool for online businesses. There are many tools out there, but I have tried to show you how each one works in this article.

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