Every Business Marketing App That Can Benefit Your Business Immensely


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Marketing apps make it easy, quick, and hassle-free to do your marketing. Marketing is becoming easier with so many technological advances, including the use of marketing apps and tech. These apps can make the difference between success or failure for businesses large and small.

Technology is only as good or as useful as its applications. While some apps are specific to certain industries, there are still many important ones that businesses need to invest in for optimal returns. Every business should explore the latest marketing and business apps this year to discover what they can offer.

1) Expensive

Are you looking for an easier way to track employees’ expenses related to work? Expensify is an intuitive app that makes it easy to track expenses and report . It allows you drag and drop extracts, line items, images, and text from receipts right into expense reports. Expensify, unlike other accounting apps, is simple and affordable for small businesses that only have a few employees who travel.

2) InDinero

InDinero provides a toolkit that is similar to Expensify. It also offers real-time support by a team of professional bookkeepers, who will act as an extension to your business. InDinero offers more than just expense tracking and reports generation. It can also provide financial forecasts and future cash flow predictions based on past data.

3) Wave

Wave is a complete accounting app which can serve as the central hub for any company’s financial records. Independent contractors and freelancers who require an easy-to-use invoicing and expense tracking app are also a good fit for this app. Wave’s free version is extremely robust. Premium upgrades are available for users who want more financial tracking and professional bookkeeping.

4) Canva

Canva, an intuitive app that allows you to create visual content by yourself with little stress, is a great way to save money on graphic design projects. You can upgrade to premium features or get it free. It also includes stock photography and photo editing tools.

5) MailChimp

MailChimp is used by small businesses worldwide to automate and keep customers informed. MailChimp offers email campaign management tools, such as timed delivery and segmentation of email lists. MailChimp also integrates easily with most eCommerce apps, making it ideal for small businesses with tight budgets.

6) Asana

The Asana project management tool uses a board system to keep team members on track and informed about the latest developments. In an Asana board, you can create notes, remind team members of deadlines, and store files for them. Another free app that offers premium upgrades is available. This makes it an excellent choice for small-growing businesses looking to manage projects.

7) Fuze

Many companies work remotely, and Fuze allows you to hold face-to-face meetings over the internet with your employees. Fuze is similar to Skype and allows file sharing, video chat, and integration with other enterprise apps that have business-facing interfaces.

8) PixxFly

With just a few clicks, this outbound marketing app makes it easy to manage content distribution, syndication, and multichannel advertising. PixxFly can also track your public social posts and content publications, providing detailed analytics that will allow you to track your progress over time.

9) Hootsuite

Imagine being able to track all your social media engagements and search engine traffic from one interface. This is Hootsuite. Business owners can use it to track mentions, schedule social media posts, analyze web traffic and many other things on one platform.

10) Trello

Trello, a free project management tool with one of the best feature sets available, is the right choice. You can also purchase premium services in the future. Trello’s flexibility is remarkable. Business owners of all industries can personalize the app to track deadlines and share files. They can also seamlessly communicate with their team members about project goals through an intuitive interface.

11) Monday

Are you looking for a team management tool to help manage your team? The Monday app provides visual planning and tracking and mobile app integration. It also offers intuitive tracking tools to maximize productivity. All this in a robust interface that is easy to customize.

12) DocuSign

Do you have any independent contractors or freelancers in your company? DocuSign allows for simple and secure document signing. This app is perfect for getting new employees set up with their 1099-MISC forms and contracts without having to fax or mail them.

13) Time Doctor

Many small business owners want an easy way to track their employees’ hours. Time Doctor offers that with an intuitive interface and additional features starting at $9.99 per month. Time Doctor allows employers the ability to track hours and report on time. It also offers screenshot monitoring that can be used to increase productivity.

14) Slack

Slack is the best-selling solution for businesses that want to use popular group chat apps such as Discord, but with business-facing features. Slack allows you to keep conversations between employees and teams on track and organized for maximum productivity. Slack is used by many business owners as a communication tool and a project manager. Slack integrates with thousands of other business apps and offers both paid and free service tiers.

15) Evernote

Do you want a single app that can keep track of all your business research, news articles, and social posts? Evernote provides all of this with its free version. It gives users all the tools they need to create a digital scrapbook or research journal. Business customers can pay $12 per month for the paid tier, which includes additional features such as file uploads and administrator control. There are also alternatives to Evernote on the market.

16) Pocket

While Evernote is a robust journaling and research tracking tool with many features, Pocket has similar functionality but with a user-friendly interface. Pocket allows you to save videos, articles, social media posts and many other items for later browsing. Some types of content can be downloaded for offline browsing.

17) Basecamp

Are you looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use and user-friendly project management system? Basecamp allows you to easily track progress on current projects, coordinate team chats, and share important files securely. Basecamp charges per project and not per user as opposed to other subscription-based project management applications. Basecamp starts at $24 per month for 15 projects and $150 per month for unlimited.

18) Streak

Streak allows you to integrate with Google’s business suite. This is a free service for up five users. Streak can be scaled to your business’s needs as you grow with more robust plans starting at $50-$99 per user. Streak makes it easy to track and organize customers, so you can monitor your business relationships.

19) Insightly

Small business owners require technology solutions. Insightly, a customer relationship management platform, can also be used as a project management center for employees. Insightly allows you to easily track leads, tag content and integrate social media profiles with your business contact information.

20) Square

Square is a great tool for small businesses across the country. It offers an easy way to process payments without the need for a sophisticated point-of-sale software package. Square will send you a small chip that can be plugged into your smartphone after signing up. You can use the chip to scan credit cards or make purchases from anywhere.

21) Buffer

Video content is a great investment. Buffer allows you to easily time your video content upload for maximum traffic. Buffer can also use the integrated data analytics tool to determine the best upload times using past data.

22) Tint

Imagine a one-stop shop for all your social media accounts. The Tint app lets you pull content from all your social media accounts into one feed. Display your posts from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram constantly through your WordPress website, Tumblr page or a variety mobile app and social media pages.

23) BuzzSumo

Modern marketing requires a keen ear for new trends. BuzzSumo allows you to keep track of trending topics and hashtags as well as viral content. It also allows you to see which keyword searches are most helpful for your competitors.   

24) EveryoneSocial

Small businesses have the opportunity to use their employees’ social media profiles to create a new angle for business. EveryoneSocial is a tool that allows employees to become brand advocates. It allows you to share your brand content via your employees’ social media profiles. This creates a large-reaching content release network.

25) Dynamic Signal

Dynamic Signal is an alternative to EveryoneSocial for your business. It allows for easy dissemination of your brand content . You can curate posts and content for your employees to share through their personal pages. This creates an organic content distribution system which can be ideal for small businesses just starting out.

These apps can be used by small and medium-sized businesses, while others are ideal for larger companies. Many of the largest companies in America already have many of these apps as part of their standard operating procedures. Business owners across all industries are finding new ways to save money and time using the latest marketing and tech apps. These apps can help you improve your business operations.

26) Bitly

No matter how big or small your business is, Bitly can be used as a URL shortener. Bitly is a great tool for tracking links for large businesses. However, Bitly can be used by small businesses to simplify URL shortening and track relevant statistics for campaigns.

Bitly allows you to share and create branded links that will keep your customer experience consistent across all platforms. Access a dashboard to track over 20 data points in real time, including the location and organic shares. Bitly offers many tools to track marketing campaigns.

27) Hotjar

HotJar is a product insight tool. HotJar uses interactive heat maps that show user clicks and actions and recordings of user sessions. It also draws insights from feedback polls and surveys to help businesses gain a data-backed understanding about why people visit websites and how they interact with them. Even though you are only using the free version, the learning curve is very simple and you have access to all the functions.

28) Over

It can be difficult to work on your desktop first and then export the content to your mobile device if you only create content for mobile devices. Over makes this a non-issue as you can work directly on your visual assets with the amazing range of templates. To make your content more memorable, you can experiment with fonts and filters. To personalize your posts, you can add logos, fonts and color palettes. Full access to stock photography is available from Unsplash and Pixabay as well as Google Images. Both paid and free versions are available. You cannot access all functions with the free version.

29) Zest

Zest is a great tool if you’re looking for a focused marketing newsfeed. Each news item is analyzed by different marketing professionals before being published.

Zest’s “Distilled Marketing Content stream” allows you to access all the most recent marketing trends. To make navigation easier, news items can be further categorized into B2B and B2C categories. Three formatting modes are available to provide a great user experience.

30) Mention

The Mention app is a great way to track what other people are saying about your brand. Mention is an app that monitors mentions of your brand on social media and news sites. Mention gives you access to the most recent reports about everything that has been said online about your brand. You can link your Mention account with social media accounts to receive custom statistics. 

Mention offers both paid and free plans.

31) Salesloft

Salesloft, a sales engagement platform, can help you build stronger relationships with customers, gain valuable insight, and even generate more income. Salesloft can simplify the lives of your sales team by giving them access to Cadence and Automation. This can help guide reps through the sales process and allow them to text and dial from anywhere in the world to reach prospects. Salesloft is used by successful sales teams at companies like IBM, Shopify and Square.

It is, in other words, a complete package that streamlines your sales process.

32) Appsflyer

AppsFlyer provides the tools that you need to track attribution data. It makes it easy to monitor and analyze the performance of different campaigns. Protect360 prevents mobile ad frauds, and OneLink allows you to build links. The Audiences tool can be used to create segments based on different factors. 

AppsFlyer can give you a complete view of your customer’s journey.

33) MixPanel

This product analytics tool’s job is to help you convert customers and engage them . The data can be used by your team to analyze the behavior of your customers and adjust the product and marketing strategies. The app makes use of data science to provide you with data models that allow you to identify the behavior changes in your target audience and help you revise your KPIs. The easy access to such detailed data will give your marketing campaigns a boost.

34) Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager makes it easy to keep track of your Facebook Business page. It simplifies Facebook pages activities so you can view all posts, comments and likes. The Facebook Pages Manager app can be used to manage various page settings, including personal information changes and tracking statistics. It is free to download.

35) Pagemodo

This app can be used to create Facebook pages for your business or organization. You can also use it to create visually appealing visuals that can instantly increase engagement. The app can also be used to schedule posts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also add features like slideshows and videos, contact forms, maps, and contact forms to create powerful social media presences.


This platform is for using multiple services simultaneously. IFTTT allows you to connect and automate the apps that you use. If you like an Instagram post, a similar liking will be assigned to your other account (e.g., Twitter). These actions, which are known as Recipes, can be found in the Recommended or Collections sections. You can also view the recipes of other users, and you can share them via your social media accounts.

37) Nimble

Nimble is a contact manager which integrates seamlessly with your social profiles. It will locate your contact information quickly and give you a 360-degree view on your leads and customers. You can also add notes and update the status of potential transactions. Plus, you can access your social media handles from one app. 

This marketing app’s unique feature is its ability to keep connected to your network across multiple social media platforms. It also allows you to build relationships regardless of where you are. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

38) Photo Editor by Aviary

To create visually appealing posts, photo editing tools are essential. This marketing app is a great choice because it has a wide range of tools that you can use to make the best possible photos. You can remove blemishes quickly and easily by using overlays, frames, stickers and frames. Every photo can look professionally edited. It’s available for both Android and iOS.

39) Feedly

If you are looking for RSS feed subscription apps, this is one of the best on the market. The app acts as an aggregator, collating all relevant information from all around the internet into one place.

It makes it easy to find new content using the app. The app can be integrated with social media platforms like Buffer to track valuable insights across all of the internet. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

40) Plai 

Marketers face a lot of challenges when trying to gather data from multiple websites. Plai, which is pronounced Play, makes it simple. It integrates analytics reports from Google Ads, Google Analytics and Youtube, making day-to-day tracking easy. The app can be used to research keywords and find trending content, which will help you create a marketing campaign. This app is an excellent way to get marketing analytics for your company without drowning in data.

41) Planoly

Everyone who creates content for Instagram understands how important aesthetics can be. Planoly is a visual organizer for Instagram. It gives you an idea of what all posts will look like in a grid before you click the post button. Planoly makes it easy to create an appealing and cohesive feed. It even gives engagement rates for each post.

Planoly is a great option if you are looking to create a strong visual brand identity.

42) Contentful

This platform is API-first in content management. Contentful allows marketers to create, manage and upload content on any digital platform. It allows creators to work independently and supports integration with third-party software. Preview drafts and finished entries can be viewed without worrying about potential service interruptions or leaks. The Forma 36 design system allows you to customize the editorial interface to create a customized behavior. It is easy for non-technical users to access any content and make updates.

43) Red Pen

This app is ideal for receiving instant feedback from clients about new designs, wireframes or emails. You don’t have to leave the current page for feedback. Simply drag the design onto the interface and add a comment. You can invite team members or other stakeholders to view and comment on the comments. You can also organize comments within specific project folders. However, integration with other apps is not possible. It is still worth it to buy the standalone product and make use of it.

44) Litmus

Litmus is a very effective email testing tool for marketers. Litmus is a great tool to assess the effectiveness of your email marketing efforts. It features spam testing and testing non-deliverable mails. Litmus also offers an editor and preview tool, analytics on email engagement, as well as proofreading tools. Litmus is already integrated with HubSpot. You can purchase HubSpot separately if you don’t already have it.

45) Zapier

Zapier is the ideal tool to automate your workflow. You can integrate over 1000 apps and create workflows using the workflow editor.

Zapier integrates into any app and can trigger any task it is programmed to perform. It can be a great tool for marketers to find more leads, even if you have a small budget.

Zapier can be used as both a paid and free tool.

Marketing and business apps: Why should you use them?

Making such apps part of your business has many benefits. These are some of the most important benefits:

  1. Increase audience engagement: These apps will help you create interactive experiences for your audience and increase engagement. The apps can be used to provide real value to your audience and to motivate them to take the desired action.
  2. These apps offer agility, which is a key selling point. These apps simplify your company’s operations and maximize the use of resources.
  3. Improve collaboration between sales and marketing teams: It is often difficult to get the sales and marketing departments on the same page. These apps allow marketers to collaborate with sales teams directly and to use raw data to improve their strategies. This will increase the likelihood of you receiving quality leads and improve your conversion rates.
  4. Provide a better user experience: Customer-facing businesses must ensure that customers have a great experience. Interactive content is essential if you want to maintain a steady flow of traffic to your app or website. Apps are able to provide a better UX experience.
  5. Easy data collection: Tracking data manually from different platforms can be a nightmare for marketers. Tech apps make it easy to gather data and analyze it in order to better understand your target audience. This gives you the opportunity to adjust your brand’s marketing strategy and make continual improvements.

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