The Best Shopify Templates That Convert Sales


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You want to create a Shopify store. It can be hard to pick the right one.

Maybe you’re tired of the theme and want to make a change. Shopify allows you to update your template by refreshing it.

When choosing a template for Shopify, you need to make it easy to use. Choosing the right theme will allow you to promote your products, increase customer engagement and convert more sales.

Here’s a list of the 15 best Shopify themes that you can use in your store.

Table of Contents

  • 15 Best Shopify Templates You Should Use
    • 1. Debut
    • 2. Venture
    • 3. Simple
    • 4. Boundless
    • 5. Minimal
    • 6. Narrative
    • 7. Brooklyn
    • 8. Palo Alto
    • 9. Handy
    • 10. Atlantic
    • 11. Flow
    • 12. Retina
    • 13. Split
    • 14. Mobilia
    • 15. Parallax
  •  How to Create a Conversion-Ready Shopify page
  •  Short Story

15 Best Shopify Conversion-Ready Templates You Should Use

Here are the top 15 Shopify templates you can convert in 2022. These templates can help you reach your target audience and increase sales conversions.

We did extensive research to compile this list of themes’ key features and pricing options. 

1. Debut

Debut is a minimalist and simple design that can be used in any store.

The main features

  • Predictive search for pickup availability.
  • To display multiple images or products, you can use the slideshow feature.
  • Customer testimonials and product recommendations can be displayed to increase conversions.
  • Your visitors can find what they need by using the product filtering function.

Pricing: No charge

2. Venture

The venture has three presets.

The main features

  • Slideshow lets you display multiple images and products on your homepage.
  • Promote your new product using one of the featured product options
  • You can filter your products by using product filtering. Customers can sort their products by price, or best-sellers on the collection pages.

Pricing: No charge

3. Simple

The Simple theme is a clean and simple design. It also features a sidebar menu that lets you display collections and products in accordion style.

This design works well for Shopify’s minimal industries.

The main features

  • Customers have the option to add related products to their shopping cart by using the Related Products module.
  • Users can zoom in on the product images to get a better view.
  • Product images can be animated to give a minimal transition effect.

Pricing: No charge

4. Boundless

The main features

  • Slideshows allow you to display product images using a fade effect.
  • Sticky navigation lets you create fixed menus at the top of your website.
  • This theme has a single product gallery with large product images.

Pricing: No charge

5. Minimal

You can use Minimal in any industry. Minimal can be used in any industry.

The main features

  • Checkout and cart features include cart notes and in-store pickup options.
  • Theme recommends products that may increase conversions.
  • Stock counters trigger FOMO.
  • The slideshow has large product images.
  • Customers can find the products they are looking for by using product filtering options.

Pricing: No charge

6. Narrative

Narrative can be a great way to add storytelling to Shopify. It looks like a blog with images, stories, and videos.

There are four presets for the theme Narrative. They are Earthy, Warm, and Light. This theme works well for small stores that have a limited product range.

The main features

  • You can add a product or service video to your browser’s autoplay or fullscreen mode using the hero video function.
  • Vertical slideshow lets you display product descriptions vertically.
  • Product images can be displayed at high resolution due to the large layout.

Pricing: No charge

7. Brooklyn

Brooklyn has two styles: Classic and playful. The Brooklyn theme can be used in two ways: Classic and Playful.

Shopify’s homepage video feature allows for storytelling to be included in your store. 

The main features

  • Use the header slideshow option to show brand or product images.
  • This dynamic product grid automatically changes the layout of products.
  • Slide-out carts make adding carts simple Helpful feature to avoid cart abandonment

Pricing: No charge

8. Palo Alto

Palo Alto can be used with any size catalog.

The main features

  • Checkout and cart include cart notes and in-store pickups.
  • Customers will receive stock alerts back-in from
  • This also contains FAQ pages which are great for SEO, customer experience, and SEO.
  • Using recommended products and recently viewed articles can help increase sales conversions.

Prices start at $250

9. Handy

Handy was designed to be mobile-first.

The main features

  • It has a search-focused menu which makes it easy to search for specific tags and products
  • This multi-column dropdown menu lets you display large images and products.
  • Increase sales conversions by using custom promotion tiles and continuous product rolls

Price: $180. If your publication is accepted, you will have to pay.

10. Atlantic

Atlantic has four templates available in a variety of colors: Chic, Modern Light, and Organic. This theme can be used to add storytelling and editorial content to your Shopify store.

This theme is great for apparel, accessories, and beauty and healthcare stores.

The main features

  • The checkout section and cart sections have quick buy and slide-out cart features that make it easy to pay.
  • You can display product badges, recommended products, and high-resolution images for your products.
  • Filtering and sorting products can help increase conversions and display the most popular features.

Pricing is $240. Try it free, then pay to publish.

11. Flow

Flow can be used for creating themes for food, drink, and clothing. These themes are simple and clean. Flow’s fast buy feature makes it easy and quicker to purchase.

The main features

  • This section includes gift wrapping, quick buy, and cart notes.
  • Promote your products with product badges, reviews, and promo banners.
  • Increase sales by improving customer experiences, such as product sorting and sorting. Enhance searches. Infinite scroll.

Price: $350. When you publish the article, the price will be charged.

12. Retina

Retina has four options. These options are Austin, Montreal, Amsterdam, and Montreal.

The theme also includes a testimonial section that allows you to build brand trust, increase sales and increase sales.

The main features

  • Customers can add quick buy, cart notes, and slide-out options during checkout. 
  • Products such as product reviews, product badges, and back-in-stock alerts can help increase conversions.
  • Promoting your products can be done in many ways, including image galleries, zoom, and high-resolution images as well as recommended products.

Price: $210. Try it for Free. Pay if you want to make the theme public.

13. Split

Split is great for visual storytelling. 

The main features

  • Make your shopping experience easier by using cart notes, in-store pickups, quick purchases, slide-out carts, sticky cart features, and quick buys.
  • Product reviews and FAQ pages are some of the digital marketing features available to
  • Promo banners and trust badges can help increase conversion rates in your store.
  • Promote your products using high-resolution images and image galleries.

Price: $250. If you decide to publish, you can get a free trial or pay for the product.

14. Mobilia

Mobilia has four pre-set options: Tokyo (Napa), Sydney (Hyperlink) 

The main features

  • Customers can view large catalogs easily with the home page menu.
  • It shows related products to visitors who have previously viewed the same collection.
  • Quick Buy makes it easier and faster to purchase items.
  • You can include a FAQ page in your theme. It can be related to brands or products.

Price: $180. Once you decide to publish it, you will have to pay the price.

15. Parallax

Parallax Can be used for recreation and clothing. Drag-and-drop is also available to create custom pages and blocks within your Shopify store.

The main features

  • The checkout section and cart sections have quick buy and slide-out cart features to make it easier to pay.
  • Shopify lets you create conversion-ready Shopify stores with product reviews, product badges, and product reviews.
  • Features that enhance customer experience include product filtering, sorting, enhanced search, and collection page navigation.

Price: $220. The cost to publish the theme is $80.

Tips to Create a Conversion-Ready Shopify page

  • Make it easy for customers to shop online. Customers who don’t want to buy products online can pick up their goods in-store.
  • Popups are a way to give customers special discounts. Popups can also be used to encourage customers to purchase your products. For example, you can offer 10% off their first order.
  • Popups can be used for Shopify to promote new products.
  • High-resolution images and descriptions for your products.
  • A simple, clean theme can be a great choice as it’s less risky. This will let you focus on your products and get more attention.
  • Customers can engage with you and increase sales conversions by using back-in-stock alerts and product reviews.

To Cut a long story short

We hope you enjoyed our 15 top Shopify conversion themes. To make your decision, you can review the key features and pricing details.

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