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YouTube is second in search engine traffic, behind Google. YouTube’s popularity makes it an integral part of any company’s social media marketing campaign. It’s why it’s important to be familiar with the various YouTube ad types.

Continue reading to find out about the six types of ads that YouTube offers.

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1. Display ads

YouTube ads can have an impact on the marketing capabilities of your company. What type of advertising format would be best for you? Display ads are not as well-known as other formats, but they could be a great way for your company to reach its advertising goals.

What are display ads?

Display ads are YouTube ad types that don’t display as videos over the content users want to see. They don’t display before, during, and after a video. Instead, they appear to the right of the video, above any video suggestions.

Where do display ads appear?

Display ads are only available on laptops and desktops. Display ads appear on the viewer’s side, just above the video suggestions. Display ads may appear below the player in some cases.

What are the benefits of display ads?

Display ads are a great way to avoid interrupting the viewing experience of your audience. Instead of waiting for an advertisement to load before they can view a video, users can quickly find out about your company by playing or browsing suggested videos.

What are the drawbacks of display ads?

Display ads are limited to desktop devices and can prevent your company’s reach on-the-go users. Today, 70% of all time spent online via YouTube is done on a mobile device. Display ads won’t work if your audience is large and includes many mobile users.

2. Advertisements with overlay

Are you looking to invest in an easy way to market and promote your business on YouTube. This option is available to you through overlay ads. These ads display on the lower half or 480×70 pixels of YouTube videos.

What are overlay ads?

Overlay ads can be visuals, text or both. These ads can be promos, ads, or simple branding efforts designed to get people to click on your ad to visit your site.

What are the best places to find overlay ads?

Did you ever notice a semi-transparent advertisement pop up on the bottom of a YouTube video that was not yours? You may have seen an overlay ad. These overlay ads are placed over a video, as the name implies. Overlay ads are only available on desktop and laptop screens.

What are the benefits of overlay ads?

You can reach users while they are watching a video with an overlay ad. You can also create text ads with images, instead of videos. This makes overlay ads easy to create and allows you to drive traffic to any website.

What are the drawbacks of overlay ads

Users may be able to quickly exit an overlay ad by clicking the “x” button at the top right-hand side of an ad. However, your company will only be paid if a user clicks on the ad and not if they view it.

3. Skippable or TrueView video ads

Are you looking to advertise on YouTube using the most popular YouTube ad format? TrueView, also known as skippable videos ads, could be the right option for your company to achieve the performance and results that you want from YouTube.

What is TrueView advertising?

Video ads from Skippable and TrueView are displayed before, during, and after a video. These ads can be skipped by users after just five seconds. These ads are short video promos or ads which encourage users to visit your website, watch your video, or buy your product.

Where can TrueView ads be found?

TrueView and skippable ads can be viewed on all devices. Your ads can be accessed on any device, including a smartphone, tablet or game console.

What are the benefits of TrueView ads

TrueView ads can be viewed on any device. Your audience can see your skippable ads on any device: desktop, mobile, TV or console. This will allow you to reach them and generate more interest in your products or services.

What are the drawbacks of TrueView ads

Your team must create a captivating video advertisement using TrueView ads. Your ad must grab users’ attention in less than five seconds. You can keep users interested and stop them from focusing on the “Skip” button.

4. Video ads that are not skippable

You might want to invest in an advertisement that captivates your target audience. Non-skippable video ads give you more time to persuade viewers to interact with your advertisement.

What are non-skippable videos ads?

Are you looking to tell a longer story? Non-skippable YouTube ads might be worth your consideration. Non-skippable ads may run for between 15 and 20 seconds prior to, during, or following a video.

Where do non-skippable video ads appear?

An ad for non-skippable video appears before viewers can view or resume their original video. It doesn’t matter if they are on a desktop or mobile device. These ads may also appear at the end or beginning of videos. These ads can be displayed in the same spot that the main video, such as TrueView ads.

What are the benefits of non-skippable videos ads?

Non-skippable ads allow you to express your creativity and share valuable information. Your team will be able to gain more attention from users thanks to this flexibility.

What are the drawbacks of non-skippable videos ads?

Although you may enjoy more ad time it can often be detrimental to your viewers’ satisfaction. Some viewers may find it annoying or intrusive to be unable to skip an advertisement, and will leave the video or walk away as the ad plays.

5. Bumper ads

Maybe you need to share a promo or other information quickly with your audience. YouTube bumper ads combine non-skippable with skippable video ads.

What is a bumper ad?

Bumper ads can be compared to non-skippable videos. They last only six seconds and instead of being displayed for 20-30 seconds. These ads function as a kind of “bumper advertisement” that appears before, during, and after a video.

Where are bumper ads found?

Bump ads are similar to a non-skippable, skippable ad. They are usually placed before, during, and/or after the video. They can be viewed on both mobile and desktop devices.

What are the benefits of bumper ads?

Because they are short and easy to read, bumper ads grab attention quickly. Viewing the ads is easy and doesn’t require any effort. Successful bumper promos will help you increase your brand awareness.

What are the cons of bumper ads?

Many bumper ads are too short to be effective in giving marketers enough information to reach their target audience. You should spend time brainstorming and creating a short, concise bumper ad.

6. Sponsored cards

Sponsored cards are the best type of YouTube advertisement to promote products that are featured in videos. Sponsored cards are even more effective as they can be displayed on both desktop and mobile devices in different sizes to grab every user’s attention.

What are sponsored cards?

Sponsored cards (also known as cards) are small ads that appear on YouTube videos while they play. These ads do not appear randomly. They are displayed at the right moments of a video, such as when a product is being unboxed.

Where can you find sponsored cards?

Both desktop and mobile devices can display sponsored cards. They are usually displayed on the right-hand side when a video is being played. Sponsored cards are displayed on the screen for several seconds and allow viewers to click on them to find out more about you company.

What are the benefits of sponsor cards?

Sponsored cards don’t hinder a user’s ability to watch a video and are not intrusive. Sponsored cards are often found on videos that have relevant content. This helps users to find the right product.

What are the drawbacks of sponsor cards?

Sponsored cards are most appealing to ecommerce companies in the majority of cases. Sponsored cards are a great way to drive website traffic and sales if you’re selling a product online. However, a different ad type might be more valuable for companies offering services.

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