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Did you know that AI and machine learning tools in email marketing were estimated at nearly 16 billion dollars last year? This is a direction that is so promising, it’s expected to reach $107 billion in 2028. What does this mean for businesses around the world?

As the market becomes more accurate, sophisticated, and fast, new horizons are opened up. The sooner you start using AI in your email marketing, the better chance you have of keeping up with the world. It is best to begin with AI tools for email marketing, as they are easy to use and manage. There are other reasons to do so.

Why use AI tools in email marketing?

Email marketing is a crucial part of digital marketing. AI and machine learning can be a great help. Businesses have to deal with a large number of subscribers, each with different preferences, needs, and demographics. Every entry should be analyzed to determine behavior patterns. AI is best for handling bulk data. It makes almost no errors and takes almost no time.

As the company expands, the subscriber base is constantly updated. It is impossible to maintain this scale without automation.

To maintain a healthy and effective list, regular revisions and cleaning are required. AI can tackle this task very quickly.

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Automating and using machine learning to improve accessibility, deliverability, and responsiveness as well as content value can be an excellent benefit for email marketing strategies.

Finally, AI platforms, software, and other tools unify marketing efforts, allowing email marketing to become a vital part of a customer’s acquisition process.

AI performs these tasks in real-world applications:

  • Identify the best subject lines for specific subscribers and individuals.
  • Find out when recipients are most likely to open emails.
  • Determine the optimal frequency of sending emails.
  • Include suggestions for content, segments or products to be included in the email.
  • Segment your list by grouping subscribers and regrouping them if needed.
  • To identify similarities and future trends, observe how email recipients behave and what they do.
  • Compile a list of products that would be appealing to a specific buyer.
  • Create a newsletter that is tailored to the subscribers’ interests.
  • Streamline your workflow and processes.
  • Sort through large data sets in real-time.
  • Analyze large data sets according to specific criteria.
  • Update information about specific entries or remove any inactive subscribers from the list.
  • Sort email lists based on criteria or information from other clients.
  • Create a design that has a responsive modern layout with interactive features.
  • Create content.
  • Customize email retargeting strategy.
  • Identify the ideal client by analyzing their needs.
  • Provide predictive insights.
  • Do your chores and minimize manual errors.

There are many tasks that marketers can perform on their own, but they must be able to manage a large amount of data efficiently in a short period. AI software can streamline workflows and provide numerous benefits for a company, despite these simple use-case scenarios. We can now discuss the pros and cons of using AI in email marketing. We’ll look at both the benefits and drawbacks of this technology to help you make an informed choice about whether or not to switch over to AI-powered email marketing.

AI and Email Marketing Statistics

AI’s capability to analyze massive amounts of data, and then make intelligent decisions based on that analysis, is changing how businesses interact with customers. Here are some statistics that show the impact of AI on email marketing.

  1. AI can personalize emails by analyzing a user’s past interactions, behavior, and preferences. A study by SmarterHQ found that 72% of consumers only responded to marketing messages tailored to their interests.
  2. AI can analyze data to predict future behavior. Email marketing strategies can be optimized using this technology. According to a survey by EverString and Heinz Marketing, 85% of B2B marketers believe that predictive analytics can have a significant impact on their email marketing efforts.
  3. Automation: AI automates sending emails to the right people at the right times, which can increase the open rate. GetResponse found that sending email marketing messages at the right moment can boost open rates by up to 26%.
  4. Subject Line and Email Content Optimization: AI helps optimize subject lines and email content to increase engagement and open rates. A report by Phrasee shows that AI-generated subject lines can perform better than written ones 98% of the time.
  5. AI can segment email lists according to various factors such as demographics, behaviors, etc. A study by Mailchimp found that segmented campaigns had an open rate of 14,32% higher compared to non-segmented ones.

AI can help businesses create email campaigns that are more efficient, personalized, and effective.

Email marketing: Pros and cons of using AI tools

AI and machine learning is a relatively new techniques. They can be dangerous and have drastic consequences if misused, abused, or viewed with a lack of care. We’ll look at both the pros and cons to get a better picture.

AI can be used to improve email marketing campaigns in several ways.

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  • Handling time-consuming tasks quickly and efficiently.
  • Save time, money, effort, and human resources.
  • Scaling that is quick and efficient.
  • Unlocking New Opportunities
  • Improve the deliverability of email campaigns.
  • Personalizing outreach.
  • Creating stronger relationships between brands and customers.
  • Amplifying the efforts of support teams and their productivity.
  • How to increase the value of your email copy.
  • Increase open rate, conversions, and leads.
  • Brand identity and perception can be improved.
  • Brand loyalty can be strengthened.
  • Keep up with your competitors and stay in the game.
  • Prolonging the life of the business.

AI tools are easy to use and do not require any special knowledge. Both experts and beginners can benefit from them. This routine can be introduced quickly if the company doesn’t have a dedicated email marketing team.

What are the limitations and disadvantages of AI, then? Most of these are:

  • AI can produce false data due to outdated or incorrect data.
  • AI can fail for many reasons, including blackouts, software or hardware malfunctions, human error, or simple mistyping.
  • AI is not sensitive to people, and this can lead to suggestions that are racist, biased, or discriminatory.
  • AI could cause privacy and security issues.
  • AI is inconsistent in its efforts.
  • AI tools can lead to the plagiarization of content, design, and visual content. This could devalue a general impression.
  • AI is not original.
  • AI has difficulty handling incomplete or inadequate data.
  • Some AI models and algorithms may have problems with logic or core models.
  • AI requires editing and revision.

You have good reason to be hesitant about AI-based email marketing. AI flaws are serious. They can lead to fines, and ruin the brand’s reputation and customer relationships. Your efforts may be wiped out or your achievements and progress could even be ruined. This does not lessen its potential. It may be a great asset to the company if it is in the right hands.

It is important to choose AI software that has been tested and approved by community members. We’ve selected the best and most popular software in this niche to ensure you have a safe experience.

Top AI tools for email marketers


Postcards are the best place to begin your AI journey. This highly regarded tool has been a part of the email marketing industry for more than five years. It has received great reviews from thousands of users and earned them high ratings.

Postcards, at its core, is an email builder that offers a drag-and-drop playground with many features.

  • Team collaboration in a productive environment
  • Flexible project management
  • Cloud storage for images
  • Export to popular ESPs quickly

An AI assistant has been included to reduce the learning curve and minimize email marketers’ efforts with the software. The assistant will use its regularly updated arsenal to create an HTML email template for you in seconds. The assistant will create a fully responsive, modern newsletter that is tailored to the needs and preferences of your brand. It only requires a minor amount of intervention.

Postcards’ workflow has been dramatically improved by the AI assistant. It allows you to get the most from the builder in seconds. This speeds up email campaigns and allows companies to test their strategies without wasting time. It does not require any special design or technical skills. The AI will guide customers through routines and do all of the heavy lifting.


Unspam.email combines the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and email deliverability testing in a revolutionary new service to ensure that your emails are delivered to their intended recipients, making the desired impact. This service helps businesses and individuals to create more effective email campaigns, reduce spam and improve email deliverability.

Unspam. email’s AI Eye-Tracking Heatmap is one of its most impressive features. This innovative tool uses an advanced AI algorithm to predict where your subscribers will focus their attention while reading your emails. The heatmap shows the areas of your email most likely to be read based on factors like content, layout, and design.

AI Eye-Tracking Heatmaps are a game changer for email marketers. It gives you valuable insights into how your subscribers interact with your email, which allows you to optimize the content for maximum engagement. Understanding where and how your subscribers read your emails will allow you to tailor your content according to their preferences. This will lead to better campaigns and results.

Unspam.email uses AI to do more than just eye-tracking. It also uses AI to detect spam triggers within your emails. It checks your email content for red flags, such as keywords, phrases, or formatting problems, that may mark it as spam. This ensures that your emails reach the inboxes of subscribers and are not caught by spam filters.

Unspam.email also offers an email deliverability test. This tool will test your emails against different spam filters. It gives you detailed reports about deliverability issues. This helps you to understand and solve any problems that may prevent your emails from reaching their intended recipients.

Unspam.email, is a powerful email tool that uses AI to improve deliverability and engagement. The AI Eye-Tracking Heatmap and Spam Checker provide useful insights and actionable information, helping you to create more impactful and effective email campaigns. Unspam.email is a great tool for email marketers, whether they are seasoned or new to the game.

Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense focuses on optimizing email delivery. The delivery rate is one of the most important factors in every email campaign. It reflects the chances of your emails being delivered to the recipient’s mailbox. The platform will give it the attention it deserves. The platform’s AI-powered optimization system allows businesses to improve the factor without having to spend a lot of money or time.

What does it do exactly? It focuses on a single task and does it flawlessly. It analyzes a database to identify patterns in behavior and determine preferences for timing and frequency. The system can use this data to create a schedule that is tailored for each person and personalize their email delivery slots.

It gets better. It also limits the number of emails sent to a single company and increases the likelihood that the newsletter will pass through the filters of major email providers. The platform also allows for flexibility and control of the campaigns.

Seventh Sense only works with Hubspot or Marketo, two of the most popular AI email marketing platforms.


AI can dramatically speed up email marketing workflows. From personalizing the delivery time to each recipient using Seventh Sense to creating stunning email designs that drive engagement, AI can improve email marketing effectiveness.

What about the content? This is the part that makes a newsletter successful in converting subscribers into customers. Many tools are capable of generating it from scratch. ChatGPT is a good example. It is already an intelligent writer. We recommend phrasee which is specifically designed to create email subject lines and messages that resonate the most with your audience to maximize the number of clicks, leads, and conversions.

It uses a tone and style that is appropriate for your brand and is based on language learning models. It analyzes modern trends, and target audience preferences, and collects syntax and sentiments including emojis to spark specific reactions. Then, it creates subject lines, headlines, CTAs, and pre-headers that are optimized for the users’ needs.

The system also allows for automated experimentation, allowing businesses to learn from past campaigns, test messages and get performance data.


Drift, an AI marketing tool, can increase the effectiveness of email campaigns. The software team has created an integrated space where marketers can manage all campaign responses.

It goes through the replies of your subscribers and determines which ones were sent by a person and which ones came from an autoresponder. This data is used to create a list that can be sent to the appropriate person within the company for them to send the newsletters they need. The system can also generate responses on its own, using the template that has been defined by the business. The system can then reopen the dialogue with customers and generate leads.

During this search, it may also clean up the database, invalidating old contacts and updating records with updated information.

Like Seventh Sense the system only works with certain AI email marketing platforms. The list of platforms is longer this time. It also offers Eloqua, Pardot, and Hubspot to its clients.


Customer.io uses AI for email marketing automation. The platform has two main products: One is for automated messages and the other is for gathering, analyzing, and sending data to other tools. Both products use the hidden power of AI and machine learning to give business owners the best results and amplify email marketing workflow.

How can it help you?

  • Creates API-triggered workflows.
  • It creates high-performance newsletters and transactional messaging.
  • It provides time delays and window times to ensure that a message reaches the subscribers within a certain time frame.
  • You can initiate another procedure after the recipient has shown the desired reaction.
  • This tool integrates with popular platforms and provides all the information needed to create segments based on data, as well as target the right audience for each campaign.
  • The complex logic toolset allows it to automate even the most intricate workflows.

This software automates the messaging system across multiple channels including SMS, push notifications, and in-app messages.



You may be misled by the nameplate. This platform may seem to be a simple tool for creating content for digital newsletters. It does so much more. Consider what it can offer you.

It generates, as you might have already guessed, high-performing newsletter copy. It uses data from 42 proven data sources including podcasts, interviews, and other data to create a unique message that is relevant to the needs of your audience and brand strategy.

It then uses data from LinkedIn to personalize content for specific individuals in your database. It gathers unique data from prospects, such as use cases, awards, and other information, and analyzes their recent online activities to provide insights into the best opening email.

Third, the campaign is personalized, starting with a welcome email to break the ice, to follow-ups to bring subscribers back into the funnel.

It might also create a verified list of leads based on the criteria you specify by browsing through LinkedIn profiles.

It offers a complete outreach tool suitable for any niche, so companies of all sizes and with all target audiences can quickly get started in email marketing, or improve an existing cold outreach campaign.

It is a platform that allows you to create email campaigns and newsletters.

Zeta Global

Zeta Global excels in email marketing. It is an AI-based, omnichannel platform. It automates routine tasks, freeing up time for companies to come up with new ideas and increase conversions. Its biggest advantage is a detailed analysis of each subscriber’s past purchasing behavior, current interests, and preferred channel. These data are used to create hyper-personalized emails and optimize campaigns using the best subject lines, send times, and frequency.

There’s more. AI-powered toolsets help businesses create a segmented list, choose audiences more accurately for their companies by analyzing data in real-time, streamline workflows, and automate campaigns based on different criteria such as transactions, database segments, or events.

Zeta Global is an integral part of a fully-fledged platform for marketing. It allows companies to manage all marketing channels in one place, or start small with email marketing before moving on.

Email Marketing Platform from Optimove

Optimove also makes our list. The company has been around for many years and covers a wide range of channels including email marketing. This latter feature is a key part of the software portfolio, and it’s regularly updated.

This multifunctional software today exploits AI and machine learning tools to their fullest extent. It creates hyper-personalized newsletters using various open and learning models based on the data from previous interactions and reactions of subscribers. It tracks response rates, and open and delivery rates to suggest improvements for real-time campaigns and deliver emails at a preferred time.

Optimove is a powerful email platform that offers a variety of features. These include a visual editor for templates, a cross-client preview feature, personalization tags, and a testing platform. It also provides product recommendations and tracking. It can be used to power email marketing strategies without coding knowledge.

All-In-One AI Solutions

Consider all-in-one solutions, where email is the priority.


Hubspot comes to mind when it comes to all-in-one solutions for the email marketing niche. It is not only one of the most popular platforms but also one of the oldest and most proven. Marketers from all over the world use it to improve their email presence, attract customers with well-thought-out follow-up strategies and maintain a healthy list of subscribers. Its tool portfolio is impressive. You can perform a variety of tasks, such as:

  • Create newsletters for any campaign.
  • Use text, links, attachments, and product recommendations to personalize the copy and subject line of each email.
  • Send emails from trusted servers
  • Optimize your campaigns with A/B testing and analytics.
  • Brand performance can be improved.

AI can automate many of these processes to reduce errors and accelerate the process.

Hubspot is an all-in-one professional marketing software. It has several features, such as a CRM Hub, a Sales Hub, an Operations Hub, and a Service Hub.


Mailchimp, another name synonymous with email marketing, is also on our list. This platform is highly regarded and increasingly popular. It focuses on email. It has been around for decades and is a great platform to get your business started.

Mailchimp, like many other platforms, has made AI a core part of its platform. This AI improves productivity, solves problems quickly, and reveals new opportunities for business growth.

Some of its most important features in real-world applications include:

  • Email Design Builder with Hyper-Personalized Components
  • Content optimizer.
  • Instruments for A/B and Multivariate testing.
  • Segmentation of individuals based on their likelihood.
  • Automate the customer journey using a handy builder, which leverages customer behavior patterns, triggers, and company criteria.

It integrates with over 300 third-party products, such as Canva, Google Analytics, and Salesforce. Instagram is also supported.

The conclusion of the article is:

AI email marketing is the easiest and most accessible method to increase traffic. It has become a staple in the digital world. It is essential to overall success and contributes to a company’s growth. AI-powered tools are a major part of this trend. Machine learning and intelligent assistants have been deemed the future of digital advertising by some marketers for several reasons.

  • AI-based tools, such as machine learning, can handle certain situations more effectively and efficiently than humans. For example, they can quickly analyze a large amount of subscriber data that is regularly updated.
  • From a variety of real-time perspectives, they can improve the campaign or strategy. They can, for example, increase the deliverability of a campaign and sales ipso-facto and enhance brand presence on various marketing channels.
  • Recent studies indicate that AI will become more common in email marketing. Email marketers who have already incorporated technology into their routines are gaining a competitive advantage over those who do not. The sooner you get into this game, the you have more chances to beat the competition.

AI is not only necessary, but it offers many benefits, such as surfacing new opportunities, increasing the value of emails, amplifying your efforts, increasing ROI, and freeing up your team from mundane duties.

It is important to remember, however, that this solution should be introduced cautiously since it has several shortcomings, risks, and potential consequences if it’s not implemented properly. It may, for example, output inaccurate or discriminatory data or mislead marketing during a campaign due to being overloaded with irrelevant information.

It is important to put your best foot forward, but do not rush. Remember that human intervention and supervision are mandatory. Start by using the proven tools of the industry to get a feel for AI. You can use our top picks. These will provide you with a solid base to build on. You can then handle each task individually to determine how AI could improve your workflow. Mixing AI software will unlock the potential of your business.

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