How And Why Your Agency Should Be Verified On Instagram


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The “verified” tick badge became very popular over the last few years on social media platforms. One of these is Instagram. This badge of validation is only available to celebrities, brands, agencies, and public figures. Anyone can now apply for a blue badge.

You’re here to learn how to get your digital agency verified by Instagram. Here is a checklist.

  • Log in to the Instagram app
  • Scroll down to the “Request Verification Section” section of settings.
  • Please fill in the required information
  • Send a verification request

There is no guarantee you will get the blue and shiny verification badge any time soon. Continue reading to find out more about the process.

First of all, you need to know that the image-sharing app acts very picky when it’s come to validating certain individual or company accounts. This white tick on a blue background stands as more than a symbol of popularity and authenticity. It’s regarded as a privilege.

Your agency’s badge, along with your name, makes your business more credible and appealing than your competition. It’s essentially a symbol of status. This small badge distinguishes you from other people and gives you an additional way to stand out.

It’s important to know that the blue badges and badges of honor, also known as the badges of honor, are not given by an algorithm. They’re handed out by actual people, such as Instagram moderators.

What do you need to do to be verified on Instagram?

You must have an Instagram account that is valid for your business before you can get your agency verified on Instagram. Are you already an Instagram account holder for your agency? I recommend that you read the statistics below to get started with an Instagram account. You have potential clients out there, so you need to be available to them.

The Instagram user statistics are incredible. Over 800 million people use the popular social media platform. 500 million people use the platform daily, while 38% visit the site multiple times per day. It’s an ideal way for agencies to reach new clients as well as engage existing clients. Instagram has a place to fit every business. You are welcome to join a small agency or team.

Verification badges are available for agencies like Wieden+ Kennedy Big, Deutsche, and Socialize. You can find photos of agency life on their Instagram pages.

  • The social media platform has certain expectations. Instagram expects you to be authentic, distinctive, and prominent.
  • Also, you must provide all information such as your profile photo and bio. You should also have at least one post on the page. You’ll be awarded the badge if Instagram decides your digital agency in Miami is right for them.

What should you do if you still can’t get verified on Instagram?

Below, I have tried to show you how to get your agency verified by Instagram. You can do several things to get that verification badge.

  • Focus on building and maintaining your presence on other platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • To approach your audience consistently, you must have a consistent voice.
  • Be sure to actively utilize these platforms and post the quality and frequency of content on your agency page.
  • Use the same filters to create vibrant and stunning images. Instagram is all about knowing how to appeal to your target audience.
  • Instagram insights can also be used. Plan your posts and search for relevant hashtags. Do not forget to respond to comments and like posts.

You can still try these things and not get a result. Instead, work on your digital presence. You can work with another PR agency, or you can post lots of content.

Finally, you can ask to be verified. It’s also an option. Contact Instagram’s support team, they’re really hard to catch but send messages to them anyway. Explaining your case and sending persistent requests might eventually make a difference.

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