Difference Between Print Ads & Digital Ads


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Advertising can be done online or in print.

These ads can be printed in flyers, direct mail, and advertisements in newspapers and magazines. 

How are they comparable?

You can use both print and online advertising to reach your customers. 

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Online ads: Why?

Online advertising has seen a rapid increase in its options and use over the past few years. Many marketers are still unsure if online advertising is more effective than traditional printed advertising.

  • Internet marketing allows companies to reach consumers who are actively searching for products.
  • Internet marketing strategies are more complex in tracking and analysis
  • Ads online are cheaper 
  • Online targeting is more precise

Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of online advertising in terms of your audience, goals, and budget.

Who is your target audience?

Some people believe online ads appeal more to younger people than print ads. 

Online advertising lets you reach your target audience, regardless of where they live. 

Target your audience using social media platforms based on their location, age, gender, or interests 

When you advertise in print, you rely on a media kit. A press kit for a newspaper or magazine will tell you how many people are reading it, their median income, where they live, and what age they are.

This information will assist you in deciding where to advertise. While this information is useful, it does not give you an exact idea of who your target audience is.

What goals do you have?

Advertising online is the best way to brand awareness and to reach consumers actively by searching search engines like Google for your products and services. If you want more people to visit your physical location,

Search Engine Optimization Allows you to optimize your website to rank for keywords related to your company or exact location. 

Online ads can also be accessed from any location a customer may have. Online advertising can also be accessed via smartphones and other mobile devices.

What amount do you need to spend?

These ads can be expensive as costs can vary. A color advertisement on the New York Times’ first page may cost hundreds of thousands, while a local paper ad might only cost $100.

Keywords and targeting are the keys to how advertising works on Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms. If you don’t choose more expensive keywords, you can set a budget of a few dollars per person.

One survey found that the cost per acquisition of social and mobile ads was $16-18 in 2015. According to one survey, the cost-per-acquisition of mobile and social ads was $16-18 in 2015.

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